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The Experience API will interact with the associated Process API (process-pricing-api) to retrieve the prices of TA diesel and its competitors' diesel prices. This data will be consumed by the Price Optimization Model (POM) or any other TA customers. The main purpose of Mule APIs is to isolate the Price Optimization Model for expected changes in SAP and ABS. The MuleSoft interface will allow the Price Optimization Model to request both TA's and competitors' prices for diesel for a specific site and date range.

Resources Available:

  • Prices – Retrieves the prices (TA and Competitor) from SAP for a site/set of sites for a specific date range.
  • ProMiles – Retrieves the ProMiles information from the SAP system.
  • OPIS – Retrieves the Rack prices details from the SAP system for a site for a specific date range.
  • Margin Report – Retrieve the TA Margin Report.
  • Cost Summary – Retrieve the details cost summary data for specified site and date range.
  • Pricing Conditions - Creates the Pricing Conditions details
  • Conditions - Creates the Condition deal types details

Important Notes:

Access to the data exposed by this API is protected by a client credential policy as well as an OAuth token; therefore, any apps which need to consume these endpoints will need to submit the client_id, client_secret and token for authentication purposes.