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Process Locations API:

The process locations api , is used to get TA location details from Riversand MdM.

Resources Available:

  • Location Collection
  • Location Record

Request Url to access the Api:{siteId}

##Required Header Parameters:

  • pagination_enabled: "Y" or "N"- will provide a paginated response based on the input value.
  • app_name: Need to specify the requesting app name
  • correlation_id: corelation Id or UUID
  • Authorization:

Query Parameters:(optional)

- limit: used to specify the number of records to be retrieved in each request, when the pagination_enabled is to "y"
- page_nbr: used to specify the page number
- publish_target: used to retrieve location details published to specific target.

Contact US

For any questions or to report any issues found in the API reach out to Hub team at